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Disconnected Connectedness


2019-2020: Disconnected Connectedness

Over the course of September 2019 through May 2020, I explored the concept of disconnected connectedness, a phrase I helmed to explain the notion that we are less connected emotionally the more we live our lives "connected" online. When the year began, I was adamant in my opinion that an obsession with technology had divided my generation. The majority of the works in my series display this isolation and disconnect that results as a byproduct of tech overuse. Through works where subjects are often compartmentalized, crumpled/distorted, and depicted in cool tones, I strive to convey the paradox of the digital age: though we are increasingly accessible, the quality of our interactions has lessened. However, in a twist of fate, the COVID'19 pandemic completely changed my perspective on technology.  In March of 2020, as my series was nearing a close, the world I knew shifted as online communications became the only way to stay together in a world forced apart. My last 2 works show that change in mindset, as they reflect on technology's role as a binding force keeping a broken nation in touch with their loved ones. It serves as a testament to the good in evil in all things, and a reminder to stay open-minded and not let our biases get the better of us.


The gallery below exhibits the works in my collection that pertain to this specific portfolio. Each caption details how that work ties into the overall concept of Disconnected Connectedness. To view the captions, click on the photo to enter expand mode.

Art and Writing by Hannah Kuker

Disconnected Connectedness: The paradox of the digital age—though we are increasingly accessible, the quality of our interactions has lessened.

—Hannah Kuker | Disconnected Connectedness 2019

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