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Intersections: Man & Land

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April 2023

My mind is constantly racing, overloaded with the pressure of a never-ending flow of work meetings, college exams, art projects, tennis matches—the list goes on. But, every Friday, I allow myself to exhale as I savor the sensory pleasures of Key Biscayne’s calm sunrise. Finding solace in nature is integral to maintaining my inner-peace and sanity—my "fixed point” amidst a bustling city lifestyle. Yet recently, in spotting congruencies between man and nature, I’ve found purpose and serenity in life’s interconnectedness, discovering true balance by embracing nuanced junctions instead of rigidly systematizing them. In this series, synonymous colors and compositions connect NYC-architecture to Southwestern-canyons. The work inspires viewers to uncover that inspiration and serenity can be found in even the most unexpected places, if we only take a moment to look deeper. Art becomes a transformative portal, bringing to light these links which guide us toward an enhanced understanding of our existence, purpose, and meaningful connections with man and land.

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