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"Dinner's Ready!"

Project Type

Oil on Canvas | 7ft x 7ft


Jan-Apr 2023

In a culture that has become plagued by consumerism and immersed in materialism, we have seemingly forgotten the importance of kinship and community. I have always been a part of a tight-knit Jewish family where we prioritize spending time together, sharing stories, and passing down traditions. Yet, as a young adult growing up in a digital generation, I have watched as my peers have lost sight of the value of bonding with others, preserving traditions, and experiencing life in the moment. Feeling strongly about the gravity of having and fostering deep love and connections in our “offline” lives, I sought to create a series of works which highlighted this societal trend. The journey of this exploration starts with “Dinner’s Ready!,” a 16-piece work which seeks to re-invoke messages brought about by Andy Warhol’s soup cans just over 60 years ago. Warhol turned the idea of consumerism into high art as a warning and mockery of its influence in his famous 1962 piece, “Campbell’s Soup Cans.” While I adore his concept, I feel that Campbell’s does not have the same hold on society as it did in the 60s; alternatively, Uber Eats now plays a similar role. Rather than learn recipes, cook meals, and eat together as a family, we turn to the convenience of Uber Eats to order different meals at different times. Though food is merely a metaphor for a greater universal trend, the concept of separation and isolation being a byproduct of consumerism is prevalent just the same. I also utilized AI to generate the designs for the coolers, which was done deliberately to further emphasize the concept of a lack of human touch. More so, painstaking hours were put into eliminating signs of brushstrokes, thus synthesizing process and idea such that the lack of mark reflects a lack of human expression and emotion. Even the overall look of the coolers is not unlike that of a handbag. It gives a sensation of being compartmentalized—Uber Eats becomes a commodity rather than sensual food to be shared and savored together. Separate components, non-convergent lines—or rather, lives—simultaneously existing yet never coexisting.

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